Academic Startups Pitching 2019

April 9th, @16.00-19.00 @SparkUp (Tykistökatu 4, 20520 Turku)


Turku Academic StartUps Pitching Event is co-organized by Åbo Akademi University, University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Turku Science Park, in collaboration with Monttu Ventures.

The purpose of the event is to give academic startup companies and research teams that aim at commercializing their research an opportunity to present their business ideas to potential investors.
Apply to the Turku Academic StartUps Pitching Event by filling in this form.
Please fill in all required fields (marked with red) of the application form thoroughly. You can also save the form and return to complete it later through a link that will be sent to you by email. All information will be handled with confidentiality.  


Application deadline: Tue 12.3.2019 @23:59.

A maximum of 10 teams will be chosen to participate in the event. Butterfly Ventures will offer all finalist teams pitch schooling on Thu 28.3.2019 at 12:00-16:00 @Sparkup - A great opportunity to perfect your pitch!



Personal details

Team members

Business idea description

Please describe your solution according to the NABC (Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition) model. Answer the following questions.

NEED: What need or problem do you answer or solve?

APPROACH: How do you solve the identified need? What is the solution created or made possible and how could it be implemented?

BENEFIT: Who are the customers, whose needs can you satisfy and what unique benefits do you provide the customers with?

COMPETITION: In which ways is the current need solved? Who are the suppliers of the current approach? Why and in which ways is your solution better?

Briefly describe how you are planning to commersialize your product or service.

Concent to processing of personal data

Partial submission


Thank you and good luck!