This application form is open until 2nd May 2017 08:00 hours. The preliminary schedule is such that 2nd May 2017 - 8th May 2017 TUCS representatives will conduct the matchmaking, and on the 10th May 2017 companies will be provided the information of the matching students. We will ask the companies to get back to you before beginning of June.

TUCS Internship program application form

To apply for a TUCS internship position, please fill this form. Do it carefully with the idea of what would be interesting for the employer to know about you.

You can continue filling the application at a later moment. The most recent submission is stored.

By submitting this form, you agree on that TUCS may send your name, contact details, cover letter and CV to the companies providing the internship positions.


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Choose 3 most desired positions in the order of preference. Make sure you meet the requirements (language requirement) before choosing a position. Also note that some companies will hire in other cities than Turku.


The complete listing and description of internship positions may be found on TUCS internship pages

Your application - upload at least your Study record, cover letter and CV according to instructions

Once you have completed this part of your application, you can upload files as attachments by clicking on "I want to send attachment/attachments". Click on this, and browse for the files you wish to upload and upload them (remember, study record, cover letter and CV). Once finished, press "submit data".

Maximum length of the cover letter is 1 page, for the CV 2 pages. We will simply stop reading after this.

Name these files as: yourSurname_FileType. Thus, a reasonable file for John Doe is named Doe_CV.pdf .

For instructions on how to do a CV, consult:

NOTE! Add in your CV information about possible certifications, your hobbies / interests and possible portfolio / showcases, e.g. github, slashdot user name or software in use by some organisation.

Partial submission


Thank you for your interest. We will come back to all applicants by e-mail in May.