Cooperation between parents and the school is important for the children’s wellbeing and successful learning in the school. The Finnish and Swedish parent’s associations (Suomen Vanhempainliitto and Förbundet för Hem och Skola) administeres a survey among parents with children in the Basic Education in Finland. The survey collects information on how parents perceives and experiences the education of their child and the cooperation between the home and school. What do parents think about these issues?

The parent survey, carried out in cooperation with Åbo Academy University, provides policy makers, school staff, parents and parent association stakeholders with important information on how parents experience the school of their children and the cooperation with the school. The survey will also help Suomen Vanhempainliitto and Förbundet Hem och skola to plan and develop their activities. It is also important that the school learn about how parents with an immigrant background perceive and experience their child´s schooling and the cooperation with the school. The survey is translated to the most widely spoken foreign languages in Finland.

Your opinion is valuable! Please, answer the questionnaire from your point of view. If you have more than one child in Basic Education in Finland, please answer the questionnaire thinking about one of them. If you want to answer for more than one child, please fill out a separate form for each child. Answering this questionnaire is completely anonymous and no individual respondents can be identified.

The survey is open until October 31st 2018. It takes about 30 minutes to answer the questionnaire. Answer the questions by marking the best alternative to you opinion.

Finally, remember to send your reply by clicking on the “Submit” button.

If you wish, you can participate in the lottery of three vouchers with a value of 100 euro by filling in your contact details you have sent the reply. Your name will not be connected to the questionnaire.

Your opinion is very important to us! Thank you very much for your participation!

Ulla Siimes

Executive Director

Suomen Vanhempainliitto

gsm 040 553 0981


Micaela Romantschuk

Executive Director

Förbundet Hem och Skola

gsm 050 336 2016

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